Dr Oz: Cheesy Chicken Taquitos, Jicama Guacamole & 7 Layer Dip


Dr Oz: Mexican Recipes to Fight Fat

Who doesn’t love Mexican Food? It’s spicy and bursts with flavor. Unfortunately, some of the choices may have you bursting in your pants. Dr Oz is joined by Chef LaLa to show you how to makeover some of your Mexican faves by taking down the fat and amping up the veggies. Check out Chef LaLa’s Fat Fighting Mexican Fiesta below with dishes like Cheesy Chicken Taquitos, Homemade Jicama Guacamole and a 7-Layer Fat Fighting Dip. (My favorite is the Spicy Mango Margarita, of course.) Plus, try out more healthy diet recipes from Dr Oz’s Ultimate 10 Day Weight Loss Plan and Dr Oz’s At Home Workout.

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