Dr Oz 1 Day Reset Plan: Algae Tablets & Liquid Breakfast Recipe


Dr Oz: 24-Hour Reset Diet Plan

Dr Oz made it his plan to share a new diet with viewers each Monday, calling it his Monday Dieter. Last week, he shared his One Week Flat Belly No Bloat Plan that proved to help participants achieve amazing results. Then, this week, Dr Oz revealed his One Day Reset Plan perfect for any who may have binged or indulged in something they shouldn’t have. If you’re feeling sluggish and in need of a clean slate, this plan could be just right for you.  Plus, the Spinach & Beet Liquid Breakfast and lunch recipes are delicious!  And wait until you hear about the secret weapon – Algae Tablets!!!

Dr Oz: One Day Reset Plan

Dr Oz welcomed Biggest Loser trainer and author Jen Widerstrom who explained that she doesn’t thinking over-indulging or binging is a mistake, but rather a part of life. However, it shouldn’t happen every day or every week. Fortunately this plan can help get you on the right track to avoid it happening again too soon.

Dr Oz: 1 Day Reset + Herbal Water & Spinach/Beet Breakfast, Algae

Dr Oz revealed the first two phases of his One-Day Reset plan to help viewers bounce back after a binge. (sackton / Flickr)

First, Jen shared her mantra: “Strive for progress, not perfection.”  Now lets get to the details of the One-Day Reset Plan, on the next page…

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