Dr Oz: 300 Calorie Breakfast Recipes: Oatmeal Grits & Frittata


Dr Oz: Breakfast Recipes by Chef Art Smith

Looking to jumpstart your day but keep your calories low? You’re in luck! On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Chef Art Smith, to give you his delicious, low calorie recipes that will boost your energy and while helping you lose weight. You should also checkout Jorge Cruise’s Miracle Microwave Muffin Recipe from today’s Doctor Oz Show!


  1. do says

    About the egg instead of the egg white.
    Is it still ok if your cholesterol is high and you can’t take statins?

  2. says

    On the Frittita and Grits Breakfast’s it doesn’t give an oven temp nor lenghth of time to cook….. How do I actually cook it after prepping????

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