Dr Oz: $5 Healthy Meal Challenge & Chef Art Smith: Chicken Roll-Ups


Dr Oz did a segment called $5 Healthy Meal Challenge where he asked everyone to send him their favorite healthy meals that cost under $5 per serving.  Doctor Oz said he got lots of recipes, but he selected his favorite two to compete in the $5 Healthy Meal Challenge with Chef Art Smith, author of Back To The Family, as the judge.  I propose that we do something similar here and share our favorite healthy (and reasonably priced) meals in the comment section below.  The most creative and delicious recipe will be featured on wellbuzz.com!  And best of all, we will all get a bunch of healthy tried-and-true recipes to try out!

Dr Oz: Chef Art Smith & Oatmeal

Chef Art Smith lost 100 pounds and has changed his health recently – he is even running marathons now.  Dr Oz asked Art Smith what is the most valuable ingredient that we can add to ourDr Oz Chicken Roll-Ups diet.  Smith said oatmeal, because it is very affordable and it is a slow burning energy.  So if you have oatmeal for breakfast, it can provide you with energy all day long.  You can use oatmeal to make a risotto or to coat foods, you just have to be creative!

Dr Oz: Chicken Roll-Up Recipe

Dr Oz’s first contestant was Elizabeth who makes a Chicken Roll-Up Recipe that is a healthy version of Chicken Cordon Bleu.  She put ham and swiss inside of her chicken rolls, but you can put anything you would like inside of the Chicken Roll-Ups to spice up the recipe.  Each serving is only 344 calories and costs $3.93.  Click here for the full recipe: Chicken Roll-Up Recipe.

Dr Oz: Chicken Cutlets & Sauteed Kale Recipe

Dr Oz’s second contestant was Dina, who said that her son Jeremy absolutely loves this recipe so she named it Chicken Jeremy.  Chef Art Smith said that he loves how simple this recipe is, and he especially loved the addition of kale which is high in iron.  The nutritional information for Dina’s Chicken Cutlets With Sauteed Kale Recipe is 350 calories per serving and $4.44 per serving.  Click here for the full recipe: Chicken Cutlets & Sauteed Kale Recipe.

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