Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Purple Shake & Green Shake Alkaline Recipes


Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Detox Recipes

Dr. Oz’s Acid Reflux Type Quiz is a great way to figure out what is causing your heartburn. Do you suffer from acid reflux? When are you most likely to experience that burning in your chest? After eating a heavy meal, eating dinner too fast, or drinking two double shot espressos. If you said a heavy meal, you may be the “food trigger” acid reflux type. If you answered eating too fast, you may be the “speedy eater” reflux type. Finally, if you answered the espressos, you may be the “caffeine trigger” acid reflux type.  But now that you know what is causing your heartburn, what can you do about it?  Dr. Oz shared a Purple Shake Recipe, a Green Shake Recipe and a bunch of tips for how to get rid of your Acid Reflux in two weeks.  You will love the purple and green smoothie recipes on the next page…

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