Dr Oz: Agave BBQ Sauce, Tilapia Tacos & NY Veggie Pizza Diet Recipes


Dr Oz: NY Veggie Pizza Recipe

Dr Oz said you do not have to give up pizza or tacos to join his Transformation Nation program.  So Doctor Oz brought Liz Josefsberg, a Weight Watchers Leader, onto his show to teach us how to transform some of our favorite, but unhealthy, foods like pizza, tacos and bbq ribs.

First, Doctor Oz went to Goodfella’s in New York, NY.  Everyone knows that a true New Yorker cannot go without a good pizza pie.  So he recreated the pizza to be good for you.  By adding tons of fiber to your pizza, it will help you reach your weight loss goal of losing 10% of your weight.  All of the meat on the pizza is replaced by vegetables and the regular crust is replaced by a whole wheat crust.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz Pizza Recipe: I Love NY Veggie Pizza

Dr Oz: BBQ Recipe

Doctor Oz’s next stop was Dallas, Texas – known for good BBQ.  How can Dr Oz BBQ Sauce RecipeBBQ-lovers make a barbeque into something healthy?  You want to keep the flavor but lose some of the fat and sugar (found in most BBQ sauces).  Josefsberg replaced the sugar found in BBQ Sauce Recipes with agave nectar.  And instead of using ketchup (which is full of sugar), she used plain tomato sauce.  You can use the Agave BBQ Sauce on chicken breasts or ribs.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz: Agave Nectar BBQ Rib Recipe

Dr Oz: Tilapia Tacos

Dr Oz’s final recipe makeover was for Pink Taco in Los Angeles, CA.  Everyone says that LA tacos are the best, but nobody seems to know how to make them healthier.  Josefsberg transformed the taco by using tilapia instead of red meat and by using a regular tortilla over a fried taco shell.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz Tilapia Taco Recipe


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