Dr Oz: Alton Brown’s Chocolate Pie Recipe: No Bake & Dairy Free!


Dr Oz: Alton Brown’s No Bake Dairy Free Chocolate Pie Recipe

After Doctor Oz discussed Alton Brown’s Superfoods that will help you to lose weight, he knew that we would all be left wondering one thing – does this mean no more desserts or treats if we want to lose 50 pounds like Alton?  Chef, Alton Brown, lost 50 lbs and kept it off for over 2 years. Want to know his secret? His recipe for his low calorie chocolate pie is one secret weapon that helped him shed the extra pounds.

Dr Oz: Alton’s Chocolate Pie Recipe

Ingredients: Dr Oz Alton's Chocolate Pie Recipe
– 13 oz chocolate chips
– ½ cup of coffee liqueur
– 1 tsp vanilla
– 1 lb silken tofu (Use the kind that is squirted in the container because it keeps on the shelf for a year and it’s soft and creamy. Tofu is also the replacement for eggs and dairy. The tofu sets the pie instead of the fat.)
– 1Tbsp honey


  1. johnnyk8runner says

    Substitute for liquor would water or skim milk. It’s just for flavor and since the liquor is 99% water you are good to go.

  2. Barb says

    It calls it a dairy free recipe, but semi-chocolate chips contain dairy products. Even Giardellii chip bag says may contain milk.

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