Dr Oz: Ashley Graham’s Beet Smoothie Recipe & Rosewater Face Mist


Dr Oz: Ashley Graham Barbie Doll

Super model Ashley Graham was thrilled to share some of her person diet and beauty secrets during her visit with Dr Oz. For the first time, Ashley shared a picture of the Barbie that was created in her likeness. She explained that she agreed to make a Barbie, but her thighs had to touch and she had to have cellulite. Unfortunately they couldn’t give her cellulite because it would “look like a mistake” but her thighs touch, she’s got a little belly fat, and she certainly looks like Ashley.

Ashley Graham also shared some beauty secrets with Dr. Oz, including her Beet Smoothie Recipe that boosts your energy and Ashley’s secret to radiant skin all day long – rosewater!  You are going to love the recipes on the next page…

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