Dr Oz: Banana Tea, White Bean Hummus & Water-Shedding Veggie Bowl


Dr Oz: 3-Day Guide to Lose Water Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight quickly, Jen Widerstrom has a 3-day guide to help you lose water weight in a hurry. She already shared her delicious Potassium Water Flush and Caffeine Chaser recipes, but what about actual food, like a white bean hummus, water-shedding veggie bowl and banana tea? After you begin your day with the water flush and a caffeine chaser, you’ll want to eat white bean hummus and water veggies for lunch. Jen explained that white kidney beans have an enzyme that help draw in water from your body and because of all the fiber in them, it eliminates it on the way out. Plus, white kidney beans act as a starch blocker contributing to less water weight. As for the veggies, they’re loaded with fiber and water and they’re negative calorie foods!

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