Dr Oz: Belly Blaster Recipe For Turkey Burgers & What Are “Wet” Foods?


Dr Oz: Recipes To Blast Belly Fat

Dr. Oz is revealing the seven belly blasters that work and he started with a food that will boost your metabolism and a drink that will reduce your stress, but find out what supplement Dr. Oz called the most important thing you can take away from his show today! It might surprise you to learn what it is, but Dr. Oz says it is key to helping you shrink your belly fat for good!

What Are “Wet” Foods?

Dr. Oz says he is surrounded by a lot of women and one of the biggest complaints he hears from them is that their bellies feel so bloated, they actually look pregnant! His next belly blaster that really works involves eating more “wet” foods, but what are “wet” foods? Dietitian Ashley Koff explained wet foods have two characteristics which are a high water and fiber content, which is a winning combination when you want to blast away belly fat.

  • Contain at least 70% water and five grams of fiber per serving

Dr Oz: Wet Water

Ashley Koff shared some ways you can incorporate more wet foods into your diet so you can reduce reduce bloating and shrink your belly!

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