Dr. Oz Berry Soup Recipe, Sweet Potato + Apple Soup & 3 Day Soup Detox


Dr. Oz: Soup Detox

Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about a new way to detox: souping. Studies show that consuming soup is a healthy and effective strategy for weight loss, because soup makes you feel more full, so you take in fewer calories and are less likely to gain weight. Soup is high in fiber, easy on the digestive system, and packed with vitamins and minerals. Ancient cultures have argued the benefits of souping for centuries. So lets get started and learn more about souping and how to make Dr. Oz’s Berry Breakfast Soup and his Sweet Potato Apple Soup!!!


  1. says

    I would like to know where I can find the book for the 3 day soup detox. I would like to order it. It was on the Dec.1, 2014 episode which I missed. Thank you, Sincerely, Laura

  2. says

    Unfortunately, there is not a book available. But the instructions for the detox and the soups are in this article. Let us know how you like the soups, if you try them.

  3. LeAnna Shaw says

    I really do love this detox. The breakfast soup is amazing. I could live off of the vegetable soup..BUT the desert soup is a disaster for me. I can barely stomach it. I cut the vinegar down to 1/2 cup(and 1/2 c water) when I made the second batch. I threw the first batch away, thinking I had done something wrong. If anyone has made this-and has some suggestions-please help me. I would like to do this every few weeks or so, to keep weight off over the holidays.

  4. Mardy says

    I agree – the desert soup is awful. Most of the articles say to use apple cider vinegar, and on the show there was a bottle of vinegar. On the shopping list it says apple cider – big difference between cider and cider vinegar. I might try the cider and forget about the sugar content.

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