Dr Oz & Big Daddy: Healthy Chicken Pizza Recipe


Dr Oz: Big Daddy Taco Chicken Pizza Recipe

Dr Oz was joined by Big Daddy (Aaron McCargo Jr) from the Food Network to share his recipe for the best healthy pizza ever!  Doctor Oz said that he knows pizza is one of everyone’s favorite meals, but it is usually very fattening since it is covered in cheese and toppings like pepperoni and sausage.  But Big Daddy taught him how to make a healthy pizza recipe.  He replaced white flour with a healthy wheat flour, and he replaced sausage and pepperoni with lean white chicken meat.

Dr Oz: Big Daddy Pizza Recipe

Dr Oz and Big Daddy started out by pounding out a chicken breast with a meat mallet and a layer of plastic over the chicken breast.  Dr Oz Pizza RecipeThis is a great step for kids to help out with.  Doctor Oz also pointed out that you could do the same thing with a turkey cutlet if you prefer that over chicken.  Then they brushed one side of the chicken with olive oil and sprinkled some low sodium taco seasoning on top.  Big Daddy said you can grill the chicken on an indoors grill or an outdoor grill, but since they were in a tv studio that used something that looked like a George Foreman Grill.  They placed the seasoned side of the chicken down on the grill and then coated the other side with some olive oil and taco seasoning before closing the lid of the grill.

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