Dr Oz: Black Bean Brownie Recipe by Rocco Dispirito

Dr Oz brought back Rocco Dispirito to do a segment called the Best Thing I Ever Ate Under 100 Calories.  And what do you think that Rocco made this time on the Doctor Oz Show?  Nothing other than Diet Brownies made out of black beans which are under 100 calories each!  In fact, each brownie is only 88 calories if you split the 8×8 pan into 12 pieces… now if only my husband thought that 1/12 of an 8×8 pan of brownies was a normal portion size!  I am doing well to convince him that 1/9 of an 8×8 pan is one brownie, but even if he eats that much of these brownies, it is still pretty good for you compared to normal brownies or many other snacks!

Dr Oz Brownie Recipe

Rocco Dispirito told Dr Oz that healthy and delicious do not have to be mutually exclusive.  Dr Oz wants for us to be able to eat the foods that we want and enjoy without being unhealthy.  Dr Oz Best Thing I Ever Ate Under 100 CaloriesRocco’s secret ingredient in his brownies are black beans, and if you grind them up well enough in a food processor so that there are absolutely no lumps, nobody will have any idea that there are black beans in your brownies.  Another plus of using black beans is that your brownies end up having a lot of protein.

Dr Oz & Rocco Brownie Recipe

Rocco Dispirito said that the secret to making good brownies is to use good chocolate, the fat is not what makes or breaks the brownies.  And a little bit of real butter  goes a long way.  Also, you should get the best natural vanilla you can find because that will really make the brownies taste excellent.  Another great tip from Rocco is that whenever you add coffee or espresso to chocolate, it really kicks the dessert up a notch.  The end result were really fudgy and delicious looking brownies.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz & Rocco Dispirito Brownie Black Bean Recipe


  1. John says

    I made the Rocco version of these brownies, and let me tell you- your tastebuds don’t deserve this torture. They taste like chocolate flavored refried beans. I saw Rocco make these on Good morning America, but I think he used the old “bait and switch” and fed *real* brownies to the hosts, or they would have spit it out and gave him a (quite deserved) BAN for life from the GMA set. DO NOT EVER EVER TRY THESE. You will be sorry.

  2. Richard says

    I have tried this recipe–or my rendition of it–several times and am improving. I have added wheat germ which advances the calories but also the nutrition. I have used xanthan gum in small quantity in place of the egg replacer, I have used walnuts, and I have added more ww flour and baking powder. You can see that my changes are not necessarily for the better. The goal is a cakier moe authetic brownie.
    Unfortunately, while this recipe is great for brownie eaters, I was not one and therefore feel I was traduced. But I will say that Despirito brownies are self-limiting because they are so filling.

  3. Marriska says

    I am afraid now, after reading what John had to say.
    Maybe on TV with DR Oz, Rocco submitted some good old fatting brownies instead of the beans.

  4. Richard says

    I have now made the brownies 3 times. All were deviations from Rocco’s recipe. I added wheat germ and also ww flour in an effort to get a cakier brownie. But so far I was unable to get the bean and wheat to integrate–instead a sort of fragile chocolate cake top accompanied by a dense beanie bottom. They were all good, but I think my experiments failed. It is a difficult recipe to do. Maybe sticking to Rocco’s exact recipe, the coffee and all is the best way. It’s not going to be a cakie brownie but then you re only going to eat one?

  5. Janet says

    Really. Where is the rising? It is not a fudgy brownie. It would be ok if some baking powder or baking soda were added.

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