Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Fighting Foods: Sulforaphane, Folate & Fiber


Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Foods

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Rachel, a registered dietician and nutritional consultant to the American Cancer Society, to give you the 3 food groups that are critical in keeping breasts healthy.

Dr Oz: Sulforaphane Foods

– Broccoli Dr Oz Breast Cancer Fighting Foods
– Arugula
– Cabbage
– Cauliflower

A small bit of broccoli sprouts has as much sulforaphane as a pound of adult broccoli.  Dr Oz had an audience member taste it, and of course, she said it was good.  (Do you believe her?  Try it for yourself and let us know in the comments section below.)

Dr Oz: Folate Foods

– Eggs
– Spinach
– Asparagus
– Oranges

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