Dr Oz: Chicken Pot Pie Recipe by Alex Guarnaschelli


Dr Oz: Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

On today’s episode, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Chef, Alex Guarnaschelli, to prepare a delicious chicken pot pie with a portion of the calories and fat.


The Topping

3 C unbleached, all-purpose flour (add some for additional for rolling)

Dr Oz: Chicken Pot Pie Recipe by Alex Guarnaschelli

Dr Oz learned to cook a healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe with Alex Guarnaschelli.



  1. Rose Williams says

    I have family that cannot tolerate any alcohol, even white wine in a sauce. What can I use to substitute the wine in the recipe?

  2. Martha R. Tress says

    It’s the first time I find a profesional people
    who take the time to write a recipe with every
    step. I really love that.
    Thanks so much Alex, you are the Best.

  3. judith lewis says

    Could she use a fake beer? instead of the wine? Real beer is great for the crust, gets flaky

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