Dr Oz: Chocolate Fat Bomb Smoothie Recipe {F Bombs Stop Cravings}


Dr Oz: Chocolate Avocado Fat Bomb Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz taught us about the amazing weight loss trick called Fat Bombs, which is the latest trend helping people fight cravings and hunger, while losing weight and inches. He wants us to take things to the next level in our diet success with this Chocolate Avocado Fat Bomb Drink. He was thrilled to welcome Candice Kumai, author of “Clean Green Eats,” who brought with her the recipe for her Chocolate Avocado Fat Bomb Smoothie.

Dr Oz: 3 F’s of Fat Bombs

First though, lets discuss the 3 F’s of Fat Bombs: flavoring, filling and healthy fats.  You can make up your own F Bombs by combining the following 3 F’s:

Fats – coconut oil, almond butter, mayo and avocado

Flavoring – ginger, cinnamon, lemon, chocolate, stevia, cacao chips and monk fruit (an Asian fruit)

Filling – pick sweet or savory with choices like dried tomatoes, eggs, salmon, olives, cacao nibs and chia seeds.

Dr Oz: Fat Bomb Equation

Dr Oz said that the doctor’s equation for a Fat Bomb is as follows:

Fat Bomb = High Fat + Low Carb + Low Sugar

Now with all of that in mind, lets get to Dr Oz’s Chocolate Fat Bomb Smoothie Recipe on the next page…

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