Dr Oz: Chris Powell High Carb Recipes: Chicken Tostada, Shake & More


Dr Oz: Eat Carbs to Lose Weight

Would you like to cut your carb cravings in one short week? Dr. Oz is talking to Chris Powell, a transformation specialist, who has laid out a plan he calls Carb Cycling that will end your cravings for good. When people are trying to weight it is sometimes challenging to know what to eat and when to eat it, but Chris has laid that out as part of his plan, so all you have to do is stock your kitchen with the right foods, including plenty of carbs, and get started on your journey to losing weight.

Dr Oz: Chris Powell High Carb Recipes

Chris Powell says the beauty of his plan is that you get to eat a lot of food and you are supposed to eat a lot in order to lose weight. While he admits that might sound crazy to some people, he says the more you eat the more you lose. He says the key is start out with a high carb day to get your body primed and ready with maximum metabolism to move into maximum fat loss. The day of the week you start the plan isn’t important, but Chris notes that Monday is good because it gives you that fresh start that motivates so many people.

Chris Powell High Carb Day: Breakfast Metabolism Benefits

Chris Powell says you will eat 5 meals a day, with the first being within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. He shares that too many people don’t eat breakfast, but in order to spike your metabolism it is important to get food into your body at that time. He then says to eat every 3 hours after your first meal.


  1. Rochelle says

    Is there a number of carbs suggested for a high carb day and a number suggested for a low carb day?

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