Dr Oz: Clarins Essential Oils & Miraval’s Signature Drink Spa Recipe


Dr Oz: Clarins Treatment Oils Review

Dr Oz continued his discussion of DIY Spa Treatments with a segment featuring Carol Stratford from Miraval Resort and Spa.  She said that Miraval Spa treatments are fabulous, but they like to find ways for their visitors to keep up the luxury at home.  One product she swears by are Clarins Treatment Oils.  She said that Miraval has recently partnered with Clarins, who makes these amazing essential oils that are 100% plant derived.  You can get different Treatment Oils to restore moisture, prevent blemishes and prevent the formation of lines.  They cost around $50, and you can purchase them at the following link: Clarins Treatment Oils.

Dr Oz: Rosewater Toner Recipe

Next, Dr Oz learned how to soothe irritated skin with a Rose Water Toner Recipe that is rich in antioxidants.  To make the toner, take one cup of rose petals and add it to 2 cups of boiling water.  Let the rose petals steep, like you would if you were making tea.  Then place the whole mixture in the fridge to cool and sit for a week. After straining the rose petals from the water, place it into a sterilized container that you store in the fridge. Apply the Rosewater Toner to your face with a cotton ball.  Apply it twice a day, in the morning and at night, before other skincare treatments

 Dr Oz: Miraval Signature Drink Recipe

Dr Oz then got to drink the Miraval Miracle Spa Potion, the signature drink from Miraval that fights off stress.  It is served all day long in every treatment room at Miraval and is made up a refreshing combination of lemon, cucumber, mint and water.  Dr Oz said that his family keeps something similar in his fridge at home, but they put anything they have in their house like peaches and apricots.  This way whenever someone in his family goes grazing in the fridge, this is the first thing they see and it helps fight off the temptation to start eating junk.

Dr Oz: Miracle Spa Potion


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