Dr Oz: DIY Cold Brew Coffee Hack, Banana Hazelnut Coffee Smoothie


Dr Oz: Health Benefits Of Coffee

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Arnot who spent years researching the numerous health benefits of one of the world’s favorite drinks: coffee. He first explained just how coffee is so healthy for you and then teamed up with his go-to tester Rhenotha to learn more about some the healthiest and most refreshing ways to enjoy coffee.

Dr Oz: Healthy Cold Brew Coffee Benefits

First, what’s the deal with cold brew? Dr Bob Arnot explained that as you try to extract caffeine, flavors, and polyphenol out of coffee, if you boil it using the Turkish technique, the less warm the water is, the longer it takes. Cold brew takes 24 hours because it’s room temperature, but the advantages are that it’s smoother, contains a little less caffeine, less acid, and a different set of tastes.

Dr Arnot likes that when you buy it from a store, they do all the work for you. That being said, it’s still important to look for high-quality, single origin beans, like the ones Starbucks uses for its cold brew.

But what if you want to try to make it yourself? Fortunately, Dr Arnot has just the hack for you!


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