Dr Oz: Gluten-Free Veggie Pad Thai Recipe by Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Dr Oz: Vegetable Pad Thai Recipe

Dr Oz did a show about Celiac Disease.  Are you gluten intolerant and looking for a gluten-free dish with half the calories and half the fat of your favorite Chinese take-out? You’re in luck! On today’s show, Elizabeth Hasslebeck, author and co-host of The View, prepared one of her favorite dishes from her gluten-free cookbook, Deliciously G Free.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Gluten-Free Veggie Pad Thai Recipe



  1. Mary A Campbell says

    Looks tasty…think I’ll try it! Also going to try to 2 weeks without gluten, fingers crossed it makes a difference. Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. Andrea says

    Awesome, very satisfying recipe. The only thing, I added 1 TBS of natural peanut butter to the sauce becUse it wasnt peanutty enough for me.

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