Dr Oz: Hungry Girl No-Nonsense Eggnog & Oprah’s Moscow Mule Recipes


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl to the Max Review

Dr. Oz welcomed back Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillen, to his show so she could share some of her best recipes that will go from naughty to nice with healthy ingredients and fewer calories. With a few secret ingredients, Lisa says you can transform fattening calorie-filled fast foods into healthy low-calorie treats that are yummy and guilt-free.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl’s Skinny Cocktails

Lisa Lillien, author of Hungry Girl to the Max, is here with Dr. Oz to share some of her best cocktail recipes, so you can sip guilt-free this holiday season. Lisa says that the biggest mistake people make is with the drink mixers. She says the alcohol has enough calories already, so you do not need them in the mixers, too. Another mistake she sees is that people often think they can use tonic water just as they would use club soda or plain water, but tonic water is loaded with sugar and calories (as much as regular soda), so you should avoid it when mixing up a cocktail.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl No-Nonsense Eggnog Recipe

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl No-Nonsense Eggnog & Oprah's Moscow Mule Recipes

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien says the secret to healthier eggnog is by using instant vanilla pudding. It will literally save you hundreds of calories in every glass!


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