Dr Oz & Hungry Girl: Onion Chicken Nuggets & Meatless Tacos Recipe


Dr Oz: Lisa Lillien

Dr Oz met Monique and her family, whose hectic schedule makes it hard to get all the kids a good meal. That’s why he asked Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien to share some of her food swap magic and help the family get some great guilt-free meals. Check out her Onion Chicken Nuggets Recipe and Meatless Tacos Recipe.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Secrets

He even got Hungry Girl to share some of her biggest secrets about food and recipes. “The biggest secret that I have is that you have to find swaps,” she said. “Simple little better-for-you swaps that can turn decadent foods, comfort foods that you think you can’t really eat, you sneak in some healthy ingredients. The kids, the family will never know the difference, and it is so, so easy.”

Dr Oz: Bran Cereal Breadcrumb Swap

Monique and Carlos’s family was ready to try Lisa’s swaps. They shared their food journal with Dr Oz and Lisa Lillien, who discovered there were lots of fried foods like fish sticks and chicken nuggets.



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    This segment was great. I have been baking all the foods that I love fried for a long time and it works great. I also like to roast all of my veggies these days. In particular cauliflower and brussel sprouts. You can also make brussel sprout chips by pealing the leaves and spraying them with olive oil spray or pam olive oil flavor spray and then seasoning and baking at 350 degrees until crispy. They are delicious. If anyone needs any cheats for your fattening foods let me know.

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