Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Recipes & Diet Plan


Dr Oz: The Hungry Girl Recipes

Tired of being hungry all the time while trying to lose weight? (Yeah, me too!) Doctor Oz is joined by the author of “The Hungry Girl” books (such as Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet), Lisa Lillien, to show you how to get more bang for your buck by eating more food and still losing weight. Dr Oz previously did a show with Lillien where she made the Hungry Girl Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe.  With The Hungry Girl’s Diet, there is no deprivation, only more food…and who doesn’t love that?

Dr Oz: Lisa Lillien

Lisa Lillien, a self-proclaimed foodie, has figured out how to diet without going hungry. She isn’t a chef or a dietician. She scoured supermarkets, researched the Internet and worked with a team of scientists to find out how to eat more and lose weight. One million people follow her e-mails for her secrets, and her books are flying off the shelves. Lisa demonstrates that you can still love food and lose weight.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Diet Plan

Molly, a Hungry Girl follower, lost 107 lbs by using Lisa’s tips such as dipping and not pouring your salad dressing because it will save you calories. Christina, another Hungry Girl follower, lost 100 lbs using Lisa’s recipes and Katy lost 50 lbs by following The Hungry Girl guidelines. Lisa Lillien told Dr Oz that one important key is to find swaps for the foods that you crave and want. Lisa told Doctor Oz that she thought about food all day long. (Who doesn’t?) Everday, she planned and wrote down what she ate.

Hungry Girl: EZ Cheesy Lasagna Recipe

Lisa Lillien spoke about Hungry Girl’s EZ Cheesy Lasagna Recipe (also called the Pasta Expander). -2 (1/4-in thick) eggplant slices (cut lengthwise from a long eggplant), patted dry


  1. maria pantano says

    Where is recipe for chicken parm. Also, what can you used instead of fiber one for breading. I do not eat fiber one it has artificial sweetener.

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