Dr Oz: Italian Chickpea Popcorn & Cheesy Pasta Supreme Quinoa Recipes


Dr Oz: Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s 7 Day Crash Diet Recipes

Dr. Joel Fuhrman gave you the quick and easy steps on how to lose the weight with Dr Oz’s 7 Day Crash Diet. On today’s show, three women, who have had success on Dr. Fuhrman’s 7 day crash diet plan, revealed their simple recipes to help curb their cravings for salty, sweet and fattening foods. Check out Dr Oz’s 7 Day Diet Recipes and try one for your family tonight.  With things like Italian Chickpea Popcorn, Cheesy Pasta Supreme (made out of quinoa!) and Brownie Banana Treats, how can you resist?

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet Recipes

Dr Oz Black Bean Brownie & Banana Treat

Dr Oz's Black Bean Brownie & Banana Treat, plus his Italian Chickpea Popcorn and Cheesy Pasta Supreme (made of Quinoa!) will have you losing weight while eating yummy foods!

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