Dr Oz: Jorge Cruise’s 20-Minute Workout & Healthy Soda Alternative


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Dr. Oz and Jorge Cruise shared the new low-carb flours that you need in your pantry. Jorge says they are not only healthy, but taste good, too, while helping you lose weight. He shared several easy recipes that included one for coconut flour fried chicken and flaxseed flour pancakes. Keep reading to see what other recipes he shared as well as his 20-Minute Workout that will help you lose 4-5 pounds every week!

Dr Oz: Cinnamon Cashew Nut Brittle

Dr Oz: Jorge Cruise's 20-Minute Workout & Healthy Soda Alternative

Jorge Cruise shared his healthy alternative to drinking soda. Just add a few drops of flavored Stevia drops to a glass of Seltzer Water, stir and enjoy!


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    I tried the cinnamon cashew nut brittle…Hm…maybe I did something wrong or totally misunderstood, but I ended up with coconut oil coated nuts that were cinnamon flavored. Not bad, but I think maybe I stumbled over the use of “brittle.” Obviously with no sugar, there’s nothing to really hold the cashews together. If anyone else came out with a different result (i.e. other than oil-coated nuts…), get me straight on the correct technique. Thanks!

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