Dr Oz: Kale Chips & Chicken Chili with Brown Rice Recipes


Dr Oz: Ultimate Body Blast

Are you looking for ways to bust those carb cravings? On today’s show Dr Oz revealed 3 ways to keep you from packing on the pounds with his ultimate body blast. He showed you how to wipe out toxic stress and kill your carb cravings at the same time with dopamine, chicken chili and brown rice and kale chips. Or you can take a look at some of his recipes for healthy high carb meals or Dr Oz’s carb cheats.


  1. Sande Hayes says

    Kale Chips. Do you put the olive oil in the pan before you put in the Kale leaves???

  2. Carol says

    Sandi, I put kale in bowl, add oil, then use my hands to mix all up. Works well for me!

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