Dr Oz & Kitchen Diva: Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


Dr Oz was joined by the Kitchen Diva, Angela Medearis, to give her top secret Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe.  Doctor Oz first did a blindfolded taste test of the Kitchen Diva’s secret ingredient – and his guess was oh so wrong!  The secret ingredient for the Kitchen Diva’s Chicken Pot Pie Recipe is sweet potatoes.  Sweet Potatoes are full of beta carotene and keep your skin looking great, plus it is good for Diabetics or people who are Insulin Resistant. Dr Oz Chicken Pot Pie Recipe


  1. Dessa Carleton says

    I was hoping to find all of the nutritional information–not just calories and fat content. I am on the weight watcher’s program and I need the fiber content per serving in order to calculate the points per serving.

  2. says

    Dessa, I am afraid that only the fat and calories were mentioned on the Dr Oz Show. However, I put all of the ingredients into a Recipe Nutrition Facts Calculator, and here is the information from it (but of course this is just an estimate too). Hope this helps!

    Cholesterol – 94 mg
    Sodium – 918 mg
    Potassium – 373 mg
    Total Carbohydrate – 41 g
    Dietary Fiber – 5.2 g
    Sugars – 5 g
    Protein – 26 g

    If you need to increase the fiber content, I bet you could play around with the recipe by adding more fiber-rich vegetables. What do you think?

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