Dr Oz: Kola Nut Extract for Kola Cola Recipe & Holistic Energy Boosters

By on February 10, 2012

Dr Oz: Holistic Energy Boosters

Doctor Oz gave a great list of Diet Foods, but what if you are looking for foods to boost your energy?  Do you find you’re winding down in the middle of your day? On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you how to boost your energy, the natural way. Forget the soda and coffee, find out which of Dr Oz’s holistic solutions are the best fatigue busters.

Sue, an audience member, stated that she had a lack of energy. She exercised and had a decent diet but she still didn’t seem to have the energy she needed to make it through her busy day. She had kids and couldn’t keep up with them. Caffeine just didn’t seem to do it anymore.

Dr Oz: Matcha Tea

-Drink Matcha Tea- Similar to green tea but 1 C of Matcha tea has 10 x the antioxidants of green tea.

Dr Oz Kola Nut Extract

Dr Oz used Kola Nut Extract to make a Cola Kola Recipe.

You can purchase this product online or at the grocery store. Tip: Don’t add to boiling water because it will taste grassy. Boil the water, let sit for 5 minutes and then add the bag. Sue tried the tea and wasn’t really feeling it, however, she said if it was good for her, she was willing to drink it.

Dr Oz: Kola Cola Recipe with Kola Nut Extract

Noon Fatigue Fighters:
-Kola Nut Extract-This product is sold online and at health food stores.

Dr Oz’s Kola Cola: (All-natural and contains no calories.)
8 oz seltzer water
20 drops of kola nut extract
Add half packet of Stevia (artificial sweetener)
Fresh limejuice

Dr Oz: Perfect Snaque Review

-The Perfect Snaque- This product contains amaranth and comes in 3 different flavors. The entire pack is only 250 calories. Sue said it had a good crunch and it even tasted good

Dr Oz: Rhodiola

Dr Oz Bonus Tip: Rhodiola helps combat fatigue and keeps you mentally sharp.

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