Dr Oz: Lavender Bellini, Teeccino & Sour Salt: Bad Habit Fixes


Dr Oz: Bad Habit Remedies

Dr Oz answered people’s questions about Crazy Health Confessions, but what about less crazy health issues?  Do you have bad habits, like eating too much butter or consuming way too much alcohol? (Is this one really a bad habit?) Perhaps you’re a salt fiend and looking for a way to satiate your bad health habit. On today’s show, Dr Oz talked to 4 audience members who shared their worst cravings and gave alternates to cure those bad habits once and for all.

Dr Oz: Teeccino for Caffeine Addiction

Becky, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she was addicted to caffeine.  She drank coffee all day long, but in the afternoons, she suffered from a caffeine crash and even had upset stomachs because of the coffee.


  1. Judy says

    I happened to be watching the Dr. Oz show today… great show. Almost everything I saw today will be of help… Glad I watch!!!!

  2. says

    THANKS for the mention! We were thrilled about Dr. Oz’s feature and excited about all the convo to follow…share your caffeine addiction stories here!! 😀

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