Dr Oz: Lime Compound Butter & DIY Lemon Pepper Seasoning Recipes


Dr Oz: Lime & Lemon Recipes

In addition to Dr. Oz’s Orange Juice Buying Guide, food journalist Mark Schatzker wanted to shine a light on two other citrus fruits that he claims are completely underrated: lemons and limes. According to Mark, the citrus family in general is extremely healthy because the fruits are loaded with vitamin C and plant-compounds with anti-cancer properties. But more than anything, lemons and limes taste great and don’t add many calories.

Mark believes lemons and limes belong in everyone’s kitchen and said he buys them every time he goes to the store. They’re inexpensive too! Dr Oz turned to members of his Bite Club to find five genius uses for lemons and limes. He and Mark would judge each idea based on whether it was “sweet” or “sour.”

Dr Oz: Lemon, Lime Benefits & DIY Compound Butter, Lemon Pepper

Lemons and limes are under-used citrus fruits but Dr Oz is changing the way you use the fruits, like in a compound butter recipe. (mapper-montag / Flickr)

First, was Compound Lime Butter that Dr Oz absolutely loved and you can find the recipe on the next page.

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