Dr Oz Liver Detox: Morning Liver Elixir Recipe & Cruciferous Veggies

By on September 11, 2012

Dr Oz: Restart Your Liver

This episode was all about how to Restart Your Body, and this segment focused on your liver. From Halloween candy to hamburgers and alcohol, everything that goes through your body must be detoxified. Even medications must be processed in some way by the liver. By age 30 or 40, your Liver could be having a rough time. But Dr Oz explained how you can undo the damage to your Liver with a Morning Liver Elixir Recipe (a special detoxifying drink) and cruciferous vegetables!

Audience member Elizabeth said that she realizes now her childhood of cooking with bacon grease and enjoying fried chicken could be taking its toll on her internal anatomy. She is more conscious now and wants to get on top of her Liver health.

Dr Oz: Diabetes & Liver Damage

Dr Oz: Morning Liver Elixir Recipe & Cruciferous Greens

Dr Oz explained how his Morning Liver Elixir Recipe and adding Cruciferous Greens to your diet can help keep your liver healthy.

Dr Oz said that most of us think immediately about alcohol, but there are other overlooked factors, such as all the fat and sugar in our diets. Diabetes is another factor that can be associated with an overtaxed liver.

In a demonstration, Dr Oz showed how easy it is for the body to process healthy foods. He had Elizabeth and two other women pour blue water through a filter. It passed through easily, leaving a few bits of debris behind. Even if you’re eating things that are good for you, you will still produce some byproducts for the liver to break down.

Most of us are eating things we know are bad for us, such as donuts, fried foods and alcohol. Dr Oz represented this food with a thick macaroni and cheese, which would not pass through this filter. He said that clogged arteries mean your liver was clogged first, before any other organs. (Why is this making me want to get a cheeseburger? I must be a glutton for punishment.)

Dr Oz: Reboot Your Liver

There’s good news here, though. “Your liver is designed to fix itself,” Dr Oz said. “If you’re alive, you can fix your liver.”

Dr Oz: Morning Liver Elixir Recipe for a Detoxifying Drink

Dr Oz said that lemon is a natural antioxidant, while the capsaicin in hot sauce helps the Liver re-energize itself.


  • 1/4 cup Water, warm
  • Lemon Wedge
  • Dash Hot Sauce


  1. Squeeze the lemon wedge into a glass of warm water.
  2. Add a dash or two of hot sauce.
  3. Take this first thing in the morning to get your liver going.

Dr Oz: Cruciferous Vegetables & Bitter Greens

Dr Oz said we should be getting three cups of bitter greens or cruciferous veggies in our daily diets. Examples of these include:

  • Arugula
  • Broccoli
  • Endive
  • Spinach

These veggies help the liver process bile to eliminate toxins more efficiently. He said you have to eat regular, not baby, spinach for this to work.

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Comments to Dr Oz Liver Detox: Morning Liver Elixir Recipe & Cruciferous Veggies

  1. Just wondering what the duration is? Or should I plan to take the elixir every morning from now on?

    Thank you!


  2. It sounds to me like this is a maintenance elixir that should be taken from now on. Unless the acidity in the lemon or hot sauce affect your stomach you should be good to go.

  3. Dandelion Tea is also a good choice for liver health. A cup before bed can help your liver excrete toxins from your body. Nature’s Tea Leaf has an herbal as well as a white tea blend.

  4. Dr Oz did not specify a duration, so I think you can incorporate it into your routine on an ongoing basis if you like.

  5. DR OZ:



  6. I did the liver deox for about 5 days, skipped 3 days , did it for 2 more days. I developed pain in the middle above my belly. An ulcer type pain, I’m guessing. Tagemet relieved the pain but then it came back. I heard that mixing lemon juice with the hot sauce could be to blame. Has anyone else experienced this ? i also read Eddie Van Halen did this detox and had emergency surgery d/t divulticulitis… Any comments would be appreciated.

  7. Dr Oz, I’m recovering from breast cancer surgery. I’m doing very well. The replacement tissue for my new breast came from my thighs. I am now experiencing muscle pain in my buttock. Could this be the coming together of nerves that may have been cut during surgery?

  8. dr oz please answer my question on your show you do mention different product that help you lose weigh but you never suggest which ones to purchase. white bean extract, green tea, which one should we purchase and also the liver detrox how often do we have to do it for.

    brenda r

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