Dr Oz: Mac ‘N Cheese Recipe & Chef Marcus Samelsson

Dr Oz: Low Fat Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Dr Oz did a segment with Chef Marcus Samuelsson, founder of Red Rooster Restaraunt, to teach us how to turn Macaroni And Cheese into a health food by cutting the calories nearly in half.  The Mystery Health Ingredient was Rice Milk instead of cream and whole milk, which cuts down on tons of calories and fat.  In fact, a serving of regular macaroni and cheese can have 1010 calories, but Doctor Oz said that this Health Macaroni and Cheese Recipe has 595 calories per serving.

Dr Oz: Rice Milk Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Chef Marcus Samuelsson started by sauteing garlic and shallots in olive oil, and then he added some flour to Dr Oz Rice Milkform a nice roux which makes the sauce thicker since you are not using the thick cream and milk.  Then you add the same amount of Rice Milk as you would normally add cream and whole milk.  Plus, he used whole wheat pasta instead of white flour pasta and light cheese with 20% less fat rather than full fat cheese.  And Samuelsson even added in Collard Greens to boost the vitamin content.  Dr Oz caught him sneak in a hint of bacon, but he said that you could leave that out of course.  Then Chef Samuelsson poured the Macaroni and Cheese into a baking dish and covered it with a green herb and breadcrumb mixture before baking it to make a nice golden brown color on top.  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz: Macaroni And Cheese Recipe With Rice Milk.



  1. John says

    What I found disturbing for the sake of Dr. Oz and the woman who ate the Mac n Cheese is that they did not know about the bacon. Since Dr. Oz is a Muslim, his eating pig is taboo. The chef who did that to Dr. Oz was so stupid for including bacon, or any meat since somebody could be vegetarian.

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