Dr Oz: Metabolism Booster Recipe by Candice Kumai Pretty Delicious


Dr Oz did a segment called Go To Metabolism Boosters with Candice Kumai, author of Pretty Delicious: Lean and Lovely Recipes for a Healthy, Happy New You.  Doctor Oz said that revving up your metabolism is key to keeping your weight down and your energy up.  Do you know the foods that you should eat to boost your metabolism?  Don’t forget to checkout these three Metabolism Booster Recipes from Candice Kumai’s book too: Spicy Soba Recipe, Spinach Salad With Walnuts & Strawberries Recipe and Berry Creamy Oatmeal Recipe.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Booster Edamame

Dr Oz asked which of the following is a Vegetable Metabolism Booster?  Edamame or green beans?  Candice Kumai said that Dr Oz Metabolism Booster Recipesedamame is a metabolism booster because it is packed with protein, which keeps you fuller for longer and keeps your metabolism strong all day long.  Doctor Oz said that edamame also helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Booster Barley

Dr Oz asked which of the following is a Metabolism Booster: jasmine rice or barley?  Candice Kumai said that barley helps to keep you full since it is packed with fiber, which also keeps your bowel movements regular and your metabolism high.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Booster Sardines

Dr Oz asked which of the following is a Metabolism Booster from the sea?  Sardines or tilapia?  Candice Jumai said that sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids that keep your Leptin levels in check, so that your metabolism can stay high.

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