Dr Oz: Miraval Cactus Salad Recipe, Qi Gong Healing & Tamiko’s Story


Dr Oz: Cactus Salad Recipe & Tamiko’s Story

Dr Oz’s special episode at Arizona’s Miraval Resort and Spa was intended to help women overcome their baggage, like emotional eating. They learned skills such as breath walking, but at the trust wall, the the intervention became too physically intense for one participant. Did she make it over the wall?

The woman said she couldn’t breathe as she attempted to scale the large wall with the help of her fellow attendees. Ultimately, Tamiko was rushed to a local hospital and treated for dehydration. The good news is she was released a few hours later.

Doctor Oz: Tamiko Returns to Miraval

Dr Oz: Miraval Cactus Salad Recipe, Qi Gong Healing & Tamiko's Story

Dr Oz’s trip to Miraval Resort & Spa featured a Cactus Salad Recipe, the Chinese healing art Qi Gong, and one woman’s story of perseverance.


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