Dr Oz: Miraval Cactus Salad Recipe, Qi Gong Healing & Tamiko’s Story

By on September 14, 2012

Dr Oz: Cactus Salad Recipe & Tamiko’s Story

Dr Oz’s special episode at Arizona’s Miraval Resort and Spa was intended to help women overcome their baggage, like emotional eating. They learned skills such as breath walking, but at the trust wall, the the intervention became too physically intense for one participant. Did she make it over the wall?

The woman said she couldn’t breathe as she attempted to scale the large wall with the help of her fellow attendees. Ultimately, Tamiko was rushed to a local hospital and treated for dehydration. The good news is she was released a few hours later.

Doctor Oz: Tamiko Returns to Miraval

Dr Oz: Miraval Cactus Salad Recipe, Qi Gong Healing & Tamiko's Story

Dr Oz’s trip to Miraval Resort & Spa featured a Cactus Salad Recipe, the Chinese healing art Qi Gong, and one woman’s story of perseverance.

The next day, she got some one on one time with Dr Oz. He praised her tenacity for returning to the trust wall to confront her challenges.

“If I do this today–when I do this today, I know I’ll remind myself, I’ll remember that the sky’s the limit,” Tamiko said. “I can do anything that I put my mind to. I’d forgotten that.”

Dr Oz said he and the other women believed in her, and he stood by her side as she took on the challenge once again. She said she was visualizing the truth on the other side of the wall.

Dr Oz: Can Tamiko Conquer the Wall?

Tamiko got back in position, but it took her a few moments to prepare herself for the ascent. Everyone was there to support her as she made her second attempt to scale the wall. Once again, the emotional metaphor of the physical wall came into play, as Dr Oz and others helped pull her over the top of the wall.

She was overcome with joy, laughter and tears, screaming about her success from the top of the wall. It is pretty amazing that she so boldly confronted the challenge after being hospitalized. She said she now knew she could conquer her food addiction and get in better shape.

Dr Oz: Miraval Cactus Salad Recipe

The women also got the chance to take a cooking class from Miraval’s executive chef. He showed them how to make a Cactus Salad. The thorns are burned off the leaves and mixed with other ingredients.


  • Cactus Leaves
  • Jicama
  • Oranges
  • Cumin Seed
  • Cilantro
  • Red Pepper


  1. Prepare the Cactus leaves by searing the thorns off using a flame.
  2. Chop or dice the other ingredients and combine.
  3. Try this with a light dressing option, such as a vinaigrette.

Dr Oz: Qi Gong Meditation

Another aspect of the spa retreat weekend was Qi Gong, “an ancient healing art from China,” as the instructor explained. “It’s awareness, it’s breath, and it’s movement. The exhalation is a perfect place to let go of things.”

It’s so easy for our stresses to become overwhelming, but we have to focus on taking care of ourselves, even in something as simple as deep breathing.

Doctor Oz: Miraval Quantum Leap

Across the camp, Dr Oz got to face one of his own fears. The Quantum Leap was a partner activity, requiring participants to scale telephone poles and confront a fear of heights. Who has a fear of heights? Dr Oz does, and so did Pam. The show partnered them together, but would they be able to face their fears and take that Quantum Leap?

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