Dr Oz: Nigella Lawson Pickled Carrots Recipe + Moroccan Stew


Dr Oz: Home Cook Nigella Lawson

Dr Oz welcomed one of the “sauciest chefs on TV today” Nigella Lawson. Nigella is English but says she’s not a chef, she’s just a home cook. She said she’s never had any training, she just loves food and fell in love with cooking. She said she felt that it wasn’t right that food had been “taken over” by professional chefs, and while she admires them, real food is the food we make at home. She said a home cook is an important person.


Nigella Lawson doesn’t like the word “clean eating” because there’s an implication that other forms of eating are “dirty” or “shameful.” She said we do ourselves more harm by trying to avoid food completely. Nigella said cooking is about the things you love.

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