Dr Oz: No-Sugar Strawberry Jam Recipe & Jelly vs Jam vs Marmalade


Dr Oz: Jelly vs Jam vs Marmalade

With so much of his May 8 show dedicated to nuts and nut butter, it made sense for Dr Oz to shine a light on one half of a timeless duo: jelly. But before we get to making one tasty nut butter and jelly sandwich, Mark Schatzker, thankfully, explained the difference between, jams, jellies, marmalades and the like.

American jelly is made from fruit juice and is often 55% sugar! Jam is made with crushed, cooked fruit and also contains as much as 55% sugar by weight. Marmalade contains pieces of peeled fruit but again, contains a lot of sugar. As Mark explained, none of them would be considered a health food, but he likes jam because he thinks it’s the closest to real fruit. The closer you stick to real food, the better.

Then he spoke about which is better, if you are trying to lose weight: grape jelly or sugar-free grape jelly?  Plus, what is an actual serving size of jelly or jam?  And, of course, Dr. Oz’s amazingly simple, 2-ingredient, no-sugar, strawberry jam recipe on the next page…

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