Dr Oz: Paula Deen’s Healthy Recipes


Dr Oz: Paula Deen Recipes Half The Calories & Fat

Beloved Paula Dean is here!  In this segment, Dr Oz got real with 64-year-old Paula Dean and discussed her not-so-healthy lifestyle that includes not only her love of food, but also her surprising cigarette addiction.  Growing up, Paula had a fear of crowds, went through a bad divorce, and even had financial woes before becoming the cooking phenomenon she is today.  She has been criticized for her high calorie cuisine but according to her, she does not plan on changing anytime soon.  Paula admitted that she and her husband have been smoking for several years but six months ago, her husband quit.  Paula was ashamed to admit that she had not.  When Dr Oz asked why, Paula responded, “It’s my one vice. I don’t drink or do drugs. I just love French fries and cigarettes.”  (You have to, at the very least, respect her honesty, especially when she first came out to speak with Dr Oz and told him that she may have to run to the bathroom because she had been eating grapes during the entire flight on the way to the show and was a “regular pooper.”)

Dr Oz Helps Paula Deen Quit Smoking

Q: How did she feel about the challenge?  (To cook her favorite foods in a healthier way) Dr Oz & Paula Deen
A: Didn’t scare her one bit because she thrives on challenges, plus, she wanted to meet him. (wink, wink)


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  2. nancy mccarthy says

    Hi paula, you don’t no me but I can empathise with you. I quit smoking almost 6 years ago and it was hard and still is.This will be a lifetime commitment and a long road but in the end you will look and feel much better and live longer. Step back and take a look at what you are doling to yourself and your body.This is something that is literally killing you and you are doing it on purpose. We are unaware of the consequences until it happens.The suffering the kemo treatments cancer has arrived and you thought it would not happen to me. Well it happens. Think about that when you look at your family and that you wont be around to enjoy them. Life goes on and so does yours all the best and good luck Nancy

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