Dr Oz: Popcorn Recipe + Blueberry & Banana Smoothie Recipe


Dr Oz: How To Lose 10% Body Weight

Dr Oz started off this segment by addressing some top reasons to lose 10% off your body weight, which included reducing the risk of heart disease and reducing your cancer risk. Doreen, a volunteer audience member, stated that her mother had heart disease and that she was looking to reduce her risk.

Dr Oz: Blueberry & Banana Smoothie Recipe

1. Doctor Oz’s Blueberry and Banana Smoothie
1/2 large ripe banana Dr Oz How To Make Popcorn
1/3 C soy protein
½ Tbsp flaxseed oil
¼ frozen blueberries
½ Tbsp honey
1 tsp psyllium husks
8 oz water



  1. Susan says

    Dear Dr. Oz, I was wondering what the “green” drink you and Ophrah were drinking on yesterday’s show (Wed., Dec. 7, 2011). Thank you. Susan

  2. Terry Pinkerton says

    My question is this: I have reoccurring soars on my throat and feel very tired. The doctors are telling me that it is a virus that will continue to reoccurr and there is nothing that can be done.

  3. Penny says

    Dr. Oz, I would like to get a sheet with the exercises you had on tv today, when I clicked on
    ab workout this is all I got:

    All access to this object has been disabled

  4. Sherlad says

    I do not own a microwave, is it just as healthy to prepare popcorn the old fashion way? I’ll use olive oil instead. Should olive oil and coconut oil be heated up?

  5. Sherald says

    Sherald Townsend is the correct spelling of my name. Just correcting my name spell. I do have another question.

    Is it healthy to eat uncook quaker oatmeal?

  6. Robin Gamboa says

    Dr Oz,

    I moved to Texas back in April of 2010 and every since then I have had these sinus issues.
    One day its a very bad headache and the next its ringing and etching ears, and then major dizziness. The weather here is truly different every day. What can I do????

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