Dr Oz: Rachael Ray Potato Latke, Roast & Soup Recipe Fixes


Dr Oz: Rachael Ray Solves Viewers Biggest Holiday Cooking Disasters

Dr Oz introduced Celebrity Chef, Rachel Ray, to demonstrate how to prepare simple, healthy recipes to save your holiday dinner. While the holidays are synonymous with stress, The Queen of Fuss Free Cooking demonstrated quick fixes for your holiday disasters.

Rachael Ray has written 18 cookbooks, runs a magazine and has hosted several travel shows. Dr Oz Rachael Ray Recipes Her Emmy award winning talk show is a fun mixture of talking and great cooking. Dr Oz has enlisted the help from the cooking guru to help his Dr Oz Fans fix their cooking disasters that can ruin the holiday meal. On today’ Dr Oz Show, Rachael helped save your holidays and made your meal one that family members will never forget.

Dr Oz: Holiday Cooking Disaster Zone

Rachael Ray came out to a standing ovation and stated “This is my very first stand O.” She stated that cooking and stress were a problem because people set themselves up for failure instead of success. Rachael suggested preparing foods that you know how to cook well. Stop trying to make the idyllic dinner that you saw on magazine covers. You don’t have to have prepare the traditional turkey or ham. Make lasagna if that’s what your family enjoys, Rachael Ray suggested. Also, prepare the dish a day in advance so you can spend the holiday time with your family. If you prefer to prepare the meal on the day, do all of the prep work the evening before to cut the cooking time in half.


  1. Shari says

    Loved the parsnip in the latke recipe. I made up my version – instead of using the Matzo, I used millet and coconut flour. Yum!.

    Potato Latke:

    ½ c light olive oil
    3 Lg potatoes
    1 parsnip (parsnips contain vitamin C)
    1/2 Sweet Potato
    1 large onion
    2 eggs
    Several TBSP flat-leaf parsley
    1 Tbsp dill
    1/2 Cup Millet flour
    2 TBSP Coconut flour
    Salt and pepper
    To cook, simply drop the latke into a thin layer of clear oil until super crispy.

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