Dr Oz: Seared Salmon Ramen Recipe by Chef Marcus Samuelsson


Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Salmon Ramen Noodle Recipe

Dr Oz spoke about Healthy Food Swaps like miso, but how do you cook with miso?!?! Celebrity Chef, Marcus Samuelsson, joined Doctor Oz to prepare a delicious meal to help you burn calories and get healthy. (Anyone else think he’s hot?!) Audience members watched as the hunky chef turned a pack of high sodium Ramen noodles into a fat-busting meal loaded with healthy proteins and spices that will supercharge your metabolism. (And who couldn’t use that?) The best part is; You can prepare this meal for under $10.

Dr Oz: Salmon Ramen Noodle Recipe



  1. do says

    nice to see the change lately —when you say a recipe is on line it actually is online—–

  2. says

    Not all the ingredients available in my area to make recipe..would like to know if some things can be supplemented with something else .like the fish sauce and scallions.

  3. do says

    For the scallions , you can use shallots. It’s sweet and gives a great onion flavor.
    Actually any onion except red oniion would be fine.
    An asian store or the store that carries the miso and or the ramen noodles should carry the fish sauce.
    If you have an asian restaurant in your area, they may even sell you some.
    I don’t think the recipe would be too different if you just left it out either because there are so many other flavors added.
    Good luck

  4. Fabiola says

    I cannot wait to make this for myself and my friends. I’ll make the salmon for them. I hope it will taste just as yummy with shredded chicken for me. I simply cannot eat seafood. Who knows why:p Oh, and Chef Samuelson is a total hottie and his wife is gorgeous too! Thanks for posting this fat-blasting recipe!

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