Dr Oz: Skinny Margarita & Skinny Sangria Cocktail Recipes


Dr Oz: Anthony Caporale Skinny Cocktail Recipes

Okay, okay, you’re on a diet but does that mean you have to cut out your favorite cocktails? The good news is, Doctor Oz says no. The bad news; well, there isn’t really any bad news. You still get to have your cocktails! Dr Oz was joined by Beverage Expert, Anthony Caporale, to show you how to make 2 of your favorite cocktails with half the calories. Anthony says his best tip for cutting the calories is to go with fruits instead of adding sugar.

Dr Oz: Skinny Margarita Recipe

Margarita: The regular margarita is loaded with sugar and calories.


  1. Joanne says

    How do I print out the Skinny Margarita & Sangria Cocktail Recipes? Tried several times. The recipes don’t print out.

  2. Sonya says

    You can also just highlight what you want to copy by holding down your mouse button and highlighting what you want to copy and paste.

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