Dr Oz Snack Attack: Pizza Popcorn, Greek Yogurt Cake & Skinny Dip


Dr Oz Snack Attack Recipes

Dr Oz’s Snack Attack Recipes on July 6, 2012 include things like Dr Oz’s Pizza Popcorn, Dr Oz’s Skinny Dip, Maitake Mushroom Extract and a 5 Layer Flat Belly Dessert.  Did you know that snacking on the right foods at the right times of the day can actually help you lose weight?  Doctor Oz put together a list of pre-dinner snacks that contain 6 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein (with no more than 200 calories).  And if you eat one of these snacks one to two hours before dinner every night for a year, you can lose eight pounds from making just that one change in your life.  Yes, eat a snack, and lose weight… sounds good to me!  Some of the snacks Dr Oz gave recipes for include a thinly sliced prosciutto appetizer, a mini pizza pocket snack, and skinny dip with chips that is made out of walnuts and greek yogurt.  Click on the following link to get the full Snack Attack Recipes.

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