Dr Oz: Super Immunity Diet Goji Chili Stew & Diet Caesar Salad Recipe


Dr Oz: Super Immunity Diet Recipes

Dr. Oz and Dr. Joel Fuhrman shared Dr. Fuhrman’s four food rules to get you started on your way to strengthening your immune system so you will never get sick again. His Super Immunity Diet will not only keep you healthy, but it might even give you more energy and help you lose weight, too!

Dr Oz: Super Seed Oatmeal Recipe

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Super Immunity, said that while you will feel better immediately when you start to follow his Super Immunity Diet, it will take a few months for your body’s immune system to strengthen to an optimal level. The first important step is to eat a hot breakfast every morning. Dr. Fuhrman said the key is to eat whole grains like oats or steel cut oats because they will give you long-lasting energy.

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