Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Burger Recipe & Mark Hyman Unfried Chicken Recipe


Dr Oz: Dr Mark Hyman Food Is Medicine

Dr. Mark Hyman has the solution to reverse your diabesity! You will lose 20 pounds in just six weeks and get your blood sugar back to normal by following his simple plan! Dr. Hyman emphasizes that food is medicine and he believes that there is no drug that can fix your diabesity like eating the right foods can. He said it is really just about eating whole, healthy foods that will lower your blood sugar and your blood pressure.

Dr Oz: The Blood Sugar Plan

Dr. Oz and Dr. Mark Hyman have a plan to help you take control of your health and reverse diabesity! His four part solution is easy to follow so let’s get started!

  • Two to one veggies plate – Dr. Hyman said that every meal should be eaten with this ratio in mind. Your plate should include 50% non-starchy veggies, 25% protein and 24% carbs (non-gluten whole grains or a sweet potato).
  • Become a qualitarian – Dr. Mark Hyman said that all calories are not created equal. For example, there are 240 calories in a bottle of soda (which is loaded with sugar) and there are 240 calories in seven cups of broccoli. The effects on your body will be vastly different depending on which one of these you choose to consume because the soda will raise your insulin, but the broccoli will not.
  • Detoxification – Eat cruciferous vegetables like Chinese broccoli, artichokes and watercress to help detoxify your body.
  • Get an oil change – Choose good fats over bad fats by replacing butter with coconut butter and vegetable oil with grapeseed oil.

Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Burger Recipe

Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Burger Recipe & Mark Hyman Unfried Chicken Recipe

Dr Mark Hyman said that food is medicine so he has recipes to help you reverse diabesity by lowering your blood sugar and blood pressure!

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