Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Burrito Recipe & Linking Technique Improves Memory


Dr Oz: Improve Memory With B Vitamins

Dr. Oz’s guest Dr. Neal Barnard has a radical plan to help you prevent Alzheimer’s. He says it takes just three steps and begins with your diet. He has already shared what foods cause the disease and now he is ready to share the ones that help to prevent it!

Dr Oz: Dr Neal Barnard Prevent Alzheimer’s Eat Power Foods

Dr. Neal Barnard, author of Power Foods for the Brain, has a three step plan to help you prevent Alzheimer’s! His plan is based on groundbreaking new research and he promises you will be slimmer and healthier for the rest of your life! The first step is to eat power foods, which are those that contain just enough of the trace amounts of metals that the body needs to be healthy and no trans or unhealthy saturated fats.


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