Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Ice Cream Recipe, Turkey Meatloaf & Citrus Juicing


Dr Oz: 5 Best Kitchen Secrets From the Culinary Institute of America

Dr. Oz says the Culinary Institute of America is the core of cooking in America. Not only has it given us highly talented chefs, but it is also the place where recipes are tested until they are perfected and now it is your chance to hear some of their best-kept food secrets!

Dr Oz: Cook Like a Restaurant Chef

Jennifer Stack, a chef at the Culinary Institute of America, says home chefs can cook like pros if they know a few tricks and techniques and start with freshest ingredients. She says that while she always adds vegetables like carrots, onions and garlic to her cart at the grocery store because they build a wonderful flavor, there are a few other secrets Jennifer is ready to reveal to have you on your way to cooking like a restaurant chef.

Dr Oz: Trick to Get More Juice From Citrus Fruits

Place any citrus fruit in the microwave for 15 seconds to get more juice from it. Dr. Oz demonstrated on his stage and squeezed more than double the amount from the microwaved fruit!

Dr Oz: Sweet Potato Ice Cream Recipe

Have you ever considered Sweet Potatoes for dessert? You will now that you have this delicious and healthy recipe from the Culinary Institute of America!



    Your website is not set up right. Tried to get sweetpatato recipe without getting all the other recipes. It can not be done. I know there is a way but it should be made easier just to get one.

  2. Liz says

    It would be nice to know how many servings or persons the recipe serves. I cook for a large group every day (12 to 20 persons) I need to know how many times I have to multiply the recipe. Thanks

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