Dr Oz: Sweetie Pie’s Mac and Cheese and Fried Catfish Recipes


Dr Oz: Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

If you are a fan of soul food you are in for a real treat, because Dr. Oz is talking to the Montgomery Family, who put soul food on the map with their popular restaurant, Sweetie Pie’s, which is in St. Louis, Missouri, and is the home of a popular show on the OWN Network! This family might drive each other a little crazy, but at the end of the day they love each other and they love sharing their soul food. You are going to LOVE the recipes on the next page for Sweetie Pie’s Fried Chicken and Catfish and her Mac and Cheese!!!



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    That is the correct amount of salt. It is for a seasoning blend with the other spices, but you would end up with plenty left over after making the recipe.

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