Dr Oz: Tim Ferriss Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe & Ripen Avocados Fast


Dr Oz: Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Chef is on the Dr. Oz show today and he brought his best advice so you can save time and accomplish more while boosting your energy and losing weight. He shared his tips for maximizing your time in the kitchen as well as his favorite exercise to give you an energy boost. He also shared a warning about artificial sweeteners as well as his 30/30 rule that relates to protein. There is still a bit more to come, so get ready to see what other valuable advice Tim Ferriss has to offer, including a healthy fried chicken recipe.

Tim Ferriss: Quickly Ripen an Avocado

Tim Ferriss says he loves avocados because they are a super healthy fat and offer many wonderful benefits. He says if you buy one that is a little hard and not quite ripe you can put it into a paper bag, which will help it to ripen more quickly.

Tim Ferriss: Healthy Comfort Food

Dr Oz: Tim Ferriss Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe & Ripen Avocados Fast

Tim Ferriss says that you can still enjoy your favorite comfort food by making the recipe healthier without sacrificing delicious flavor.

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