Dr. Oz: Tomato Sauce Tested by Italian Grandmas & Date Paste Vs. Sugar


Dr. Oz: Tomato Sauce Made with Onions and Carrots Recipe

Dr. Oz wanted to help us satisfy our sweet tooth without sugar. He challenged viewers to share their best sugar substitutes. Maggie, one of the viewers, shared her recipe for Tomato Sauce. Instead of sugar, she uses carrots and onions in her tomato sauce. She grates up 1/2 cup carrots and 1/2 cup onions and adds that to her tomato sauce recipe instead of sugar. 1/2 cup sugar adds 387 calories to the recipe, but the carrots and onions together is only 46 calories. The veggies is in the sauce, which you add during the simmering step of your favorite tomato sauce recipe, caramelize and add a sweet flavor.

Dr. Oz: Italian Grandmas Vote on Tomato Sauce

Dr. Oz: Tomato Sauce Tested by Italian Grandmas & Date Paste Vs. Sugar

Dr. Oz talked about some substitutes for sugar, including date paste in coffee instead of sugar. Even three baristas were fooled by the substitution!


  1. karen claxon says

    No one puts 1/2 cup of sugar in tomato sauce. They might add a teaspoon. That’s why everyone was complaining that your sauce was too sweet. Get real!

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