Dr Oz: Trick Your Taste Buds To Like Salmon, Spinach & Beans

Dr Oz: How To Trick Your Taste Buds

Dr Oz played a game called How To Trick Your Taste Buds to teach us new ways to prepare healthy foods like salmon, spinach and beans.  Do you hate spinach because you think it tastes bitter?  Or is it hard for you to stand eating fish because of the fishy smell?  Dr Oz said it is not all your fault, because you may have been passed down genes from your parents that make certain healthy foods taste bitter or unpleasant.  Here are the tricks that Doctor Oz shared for how to get yourself to love these healthy foods!

Dr Oz: How To Make Spinach Less Bitter

Doctor Oz’s first guest said that she hates spinach and leafy greens because they taste like soap and leave a really bitter aftertaste in her mouth.  Dr Oz said that if Dr Oz How To Trick Your Taste Budsyou mix spinach with yogurt or sour cream, and make a vegetable dip, then it will counteract the bitterness.  Click here to get Dr Oz’s Spinach Dip Recipe. Another option is to bake the spinach, which changes the texture and makes it crispier.  The Doctors TV Show recently had a great recipe for baking kale and making chips out of them, which is a similar concept.  Click here for The Doctors kid friendly Kale Chip Recipe: The Doctors Kale Chip Recipe.

Dr Oz: Soak Salmon In Milk

Dr Oz’s next guest said that she hates fish because of the fishy smell that comes with it.  Dr Oz said that if you soak fish in milk for an hour, especially salmon, it takes away the ability for bacteria to produce that fishy smell that so many of us hate.  Another idea is to serve lemon on the side, because it helps to mask the fishiness.  Click here for Dr Oz’s Salmon Recipe that minimizes the fishy flavor: Dr Oz Salmon Salad Recipe

Dr Oz: How To Make Beans Crunchy

Dr Oz’s final guest said that she cannot stand beans because they are mushy, taste like dirt and give you gas.  Dr Oz said that if you mix beans into a salad with other crunchy vegetables, then the texture will not bother you as much.  Click here to read Dr Oz’s Crunchy Bean Salad Recipe: Dr Oz Bean Salad Recipe. Another option is to use beans to thicken sauces or in soups, because then you may not be as bothered by the texture of the beans.

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